Monday, February 15, 2010


Potty training is a blessing/curse. On the one hand you get rid of diapers. No diapers means more $$ and less trash, theoretically. Except that going from two people flushing the potty and using toilet paper to four - increases the water bill and decreases the toilet paper stash. However, when out and about diaper use is FAR handier than trying to find a toilet on a dime. On Friday I took the boys to the mall (I am assuming that is where Isaac acquired pink eye). By the time we got to the indoor playground (which took quite a while since Eli won't step on cracks) got our coats, shoes, and socks off -the boys decided they needed to use the potty. So we get our shoes and socks back on. I am now lugging three winter coats and the backpack of Isaac's "just in case" meds. We get back to the front of the mall to the restroom, again not stepping on cracks, and you guessed it - closed for cleaning. I am assuming some major catastrophe had occured since the mall had only been open for 30 minutes. So holding hands, coats, backbacks, etc we venture off to the next "closest" bathroom. By now I am sweating, Isaac is pulling us, since his urge sparked the trip in the first place, I am ready to drag Eli across the cracks, and we finally make it. It was rather uneventful, pee, flush, wash hands, although I think you couldn't wash public bathroom gross off without a bath. Thirty minutes later wouldn't peeing in your pants in a nice absorbant diaper have been the better option?

Snowman II

Pops started on a snowman for the boys - it fell after snow number one, but was resurrected after snow number two.

Isaac's Birthday

This year we made Isaac a "egg-free" big chocolate chip cookie into an "Andy's Room" (from Toy Story) birthday cake. He asked for homemade pizza - tasty tasty! It was a fun night! I cn't believe he is 3!

The World According to Eli

We gave Eli one of our old cameras to take pictures. Here is the world from his 3-foot vantage.
My favorite is when his feet make it into the shot!