Sunday, March 27, 2011

The "Bad" Words

This is an old one that I somehow forgot to post...
We have identified three words/phrases that are not to be said in our house: "Oh My Gosh" (which sounds worse than it reads), Stupid, and hate.  The boys haven't dabbled beyond these "bad" few phrases, before today.
Today hasn't been good - the boys have been in foul moods today.  So I think they were testing us when the were adding all three word/phrases into sentences and then staring right us. Like "Stupid, I hate you, oh my gosh." or "Oh My Gosh Stupid, I hate you." Both typically followed by a punch.
I guess I should have counted my blessings with those phrases when Isaac kicked me in the rear end and said - "Yeah, KickA$$."

The Tattle Tale

Eli sees two colors, black and white.  If you aren't right you are most definitely wrong. So at school this has become a bit of an issue.  He has a strong tendency to tattle on other kids who aren't doing the right thing, because it is "impossible for even a good teacher to see everything everyone is doing." So he has offered his assistance to his teachers in watching out for bad behavior.  Super.
His teacher has kept me in the loop and we have tried to be on the same page in reminding Eli that unless someone is hurt, bleeding, or crying it is not his job to tell the teacher about other kids.  His one, sole responsibility right now is to learn.  Last week his teacher told me that he came marching across the gym to her and she could just tell he was going to tattle on someone.  Before he could even make it over to her she said told him to stop right there, that she didn't want to hear anything unless it was about him.  She said his jaw just dropped and he froze for about 10 seconds and then gave a big ole smile and said, "I love you Ms. Ward" gave her a hug, and ran away.  Quick thinker.

Thin Mints

Last year we were shocked to discover that Isaac can eat Thin Mints.  Before that discovery he had only one processed cookie option - Oreos. Our favorite girl scounts (Kaeley, Baelyn, and Ms. Monica) gave us a box of Thin Mints for Isaac.  At lunch last week he asked for a Thin Mint for dessert.  I gave him one and ate one myself.  Isaac walked out of the kitchen and into his play kitchen, found a fake chocolate bar from his fake food stash and brought it to me.  Politely he said, "Mom here is a candy bar for your chocolate fix, hands off my thin mints."  

Friday, March 25, 2011

Hershey's Kisses

Isaac is a son after my own heart - he LOVES chocolate.  Yesterday we was so excited that he got a gift bag and it had 6 Hershey kisses inside.  I should have guessed something was up when he kept taking the bag into his room and shutting the door - but I just figured he was wanting Eli to stay out.  So I was a bit shocked when I went grab his bag after dinner and take out the Fineas & Ferb fruit snacks that he requested (also a coveted treat from the gift bag) and 6 empty hershey kisses wrappers fell out of his bag. He had eaten ALL six!! I had to laugh - the kid has about the same amount of self control that I have.  I think he was a little embarrased, but impressed that he had kept it secret for that long.  Needless to say no fruit snacks for Isaac last night...