Friday, March 25, 2011

Hershey's Kisses

Isaac is a son after my own heart - he LOVES chocolate.  Yesterday we was so excited that he got a gift bag and it had 6 Hershey kisses inside.  I should have guessed something was up when he kept taking the bag into his room and shutting the door - but I just figured he was wanting Eli to stay out.  So I was a bit shocked when I went grab his bag after dinner and take out the Fineas & Ferb fruit snacks that he requested (also a coveted treat from the gift bag) and 6 empty hershey kisses wrappers fell out of his bag. He had eaten ALL six!! I had to laugh - the kid has about the same amount of self control that I have.  I think he was a little embarrased, but impressed that he had kept it secret for that long.  Needless to say no fruit snacks for Isaac last night...

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