Friday, August 29, 2008

Inside Voices

Pops and I took the boys to the library today. They were thrilled literally running between the puzzles, books, and "quiet area."
The quiet area was indoctrinated today by my kids in the following ways:
  • Both were singing "We Will Rock You" while running from one side to the other - this has been the household theme song for over one month now
  • Eli was jumping off the side benches saying Steppin' Time (from Mary Poppins)

Pops and I politely asked Eli to be quite, as the conversation goes:

Mom: Shh, Eli we need to be quite

Eli: But I want to talk

Mom: It is OK to talk, just quietly

Eli: But I want to talk loud

We didn't stay too long.....

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Mr. Manners

Eli is two in ever sense of the word. Active, highly emotional, and wanting to control everything. Our days have been filled with him laughing and jumping around one minute to crying like a banshee 15 seconds later. Tuesday was is first day of "school" in a big boy classroom. When I went to pick him up his teacher came over to me and said.....
"Your son has very good manners"
Evidently kids save their worst for the people who love them most. I laughed, thinking maybe she was joking, and realzing how I may be creating a self fullfilling prophecy I nodded and said - yes he is a great kid. Which he is - just every bit 2.
Case in point. Nothing about yesterday went as planned. I had a meeting at 2:00 PM - so I needed to be at the grocery at 9 - home by 10:30 - 11, lunch by noon, and down for a nap by one - so when pops arrived all was peacful and calm.
Instead Isaac woke up at 10:00 - first time ever, of course. And that was only because Eli was tired of playing by himself and said "I am going in" referring to Isaac's room. And the fun began. We made it home from the grocery at noon. Eli took Isaac's fruit snacks out of his hand, shoving all 8 of both of theirs in his mouth (16 total) - was then in time out, screaming the entire time. I always make Eli hug Isaac and say he is sorry - this day he added "I didn't mean too." Ahh - the blaming begins!
I leave for DC on Sunday - I am excited, but I kind of feel bad for John.... What a week it will be!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Say What?

So we have been a little busy the past couple of weeks. Took some time off went to G-burg. Then this week we discovered a wall-o-mold in our dining room. Super. But it is now time to capture a bit of the preciousness that is our boys. Below is a collection of our favorite kid sayings:

Hey mom - come over here and play with the snakes.
Where's me going?
Whatcha you got going on?
Don't worry mom it isn't poo poo it is chocolate
I peeped in my bed
Cut my finger tails
I think I'm in time out - I ready to be nice now (5 seconds later)

Unke Jo (Uncle Joe)
Poo Poo - Dirty - Diaper - Change - Fresh - Shew Stinky (this is his hint for a diaper change)
Momma Yeah, Momma Yeah, Momma Yeah (for some reason adding the yeah shows distress emphasis)
Paci yeah, paci yeah, paci yeah
Boo Boo - Kiss it
Pingles (Bugels)
Tick (Cheese Stick) - usually involves stomping, dancing, and spinning

Don't you just want to eat them up?