Saturday, October 31, 2009

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Chicken Pot Pie

Chicken Pot Pie is one of our familiy's favorites. The boys just gobble it up. And why wouldn't I be a proud mom? The meal is filled with fresh carrots and potatoes, as well as chucks of white chicken. That is the draw, right, vegetables and chicken?

Last night I called the boys to the table to enjoy a dinner of chicken pot pie and the first thing Eli said when he got to the table was: "So, where's the crust?"

Monday, October 26, 2009

An isolated incident

Though Isaac is taking three by storm the bedtime temper tantrum appears to be an isolated incident. Whew.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Temper Tantrum

We have great kids, but I have seen my share of temper tantrums. But I have to say that Isaac's display last night was the most impressive battle of wills yet. This screaming cry fest lasted 30 minutes - to the point that his asthma flared and he couldn't catch his breath. There were a variety of issues that he brought the tantrum to be:
It began with the announcement of bedtime which Isaac just wasn't digging. As I have mentioned before there are a series of steps that lead to bedtime and if they are not tackled in the correct order mayhem breaks loose. Well the first step is Isaac walking to the bathroom. Since he refused, I carried him. The breakdown begins. John turned on the light in the bathroom since I was carrying a screaming flailing pig. Since Isaac didn't turn it on, then clearly he couldn't pee. So he refused to pee. So we picked him up and took him to bed. Well he obviously couldn't go to bed without peeing, but refused to go because that would be declaring bedtime.
So he screamed in his bed for a good ten minutes. He then decided that he would go to the bathroom - we let him climb down and into the bathroom, he turned the lights on and everything, even peed. But then he refused to get off the toilet. So he sat there, and sat there, and sat there - for an additional 10 minutes. During this time he is having a self induced asthma attack and refuses to let us use his inhaler on him. He finally decides to get off the toilet - and wants me to sit in the chair with him to sing a song, but he doesn't want me to sing - again this would declare bedtime defeat. So he sat on my lap with his hand over my mouth. That's right. So I told him if I wasn't going to sing I was going to put him in bed and go hang out with Daddy - I gave him the option, he could crawl into bed on his own or I could carry him. Knowing if I carried him - all hell would break loose again. He refused to climb in so I put him in bed, kicking and screaming. By now John and I had clearly lost our parents of the year award and we were both very much on the edge. I had begged and pleaded with Isaac, and was spiraling down to anger very quickly. So like any mother would do I took all of his friends out of his bed. The entire entourage of 10 stuffed animals came out one by one and I promised to stop when he stopped crying - so he slept alone last night. John and I left the room, closed the door, and went downstairs, closing that door as well. Not sure when he fell asleep.
This morning when he woke up I could hear him saying: "My phone, my phone - I want my phone". I guess that was taken out of his bed last night too. I am sorry - is he 2 or 17? He even declared last night that he didn't like us anymore.
Today during nap time I will be reading "The strong willed child." Isaac won't know what hit him....

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Zoo Pictures

A Glimpse into the future...

They wanted to make funny faces with the statue.

They found being that close to an elephant very scary. They were both pulling my hair.

The caged animals.

Monday, October 19, 2009


Maybe I am just weak but traveling with a two and a three year old is for the birds. For those of you that have braved the drive (or flight) to Disney World my hats are off to you. Our three hour trip to TN was enough to send me to the nut house. We have vowed not to take this trip until the boys are no longer reliant on nap time. Missing nap time is like having two hungry bears in tow - it stinks.
John and I are taking this week off. We started off the week with a trip to TN to see some family and then took a side trip to Knoxville to the zoo. It took us SEVEN hours to get ready for the trip on Saturday. Part of that is prepping Isaac's food since he has all of his dietary restrictions and packing his bag o' meds so he can breathe through the TN mold.
The trip to Mamoo's house (as the boys affectionately call John's grandma) is a very short three hour drive. In fact the boys slept for an hour of the drive. But the last 45 minutes must have been torture. The first 45 minutes (prior to the nap) the boys were saying:
"I can't wait to see Mamoo"
"Yeah we are going to Mamoo's house"
"I can't wait to see grandma and aunt Judy at Mamoo's."
Then after the nap it had digressed to:
"Where's is Mamoo's house"
"Are we getting close to Mamoo's house?"
Then Isaac exclaimed:
"We have been in this van far too long - I don't like Mamoo's house."
It was a lovely way to start the weekend.

I am pretty sure John and I were more excited about the zoo then the boys. Something about the fall makes every family activity seem better. I would call today's zoo visit more of a "drive by." The boys fell asleep during the 1.5 hour drive to the zoo. We grabbed some lunch and then started our tour of the zoo at 12:30 - evidently about 2 hours too late. Eli looked at each animal for all of 3 seconds and then was ready "to see the next aminal." Additionally he wanted to see a hippo, very badly, and the Knoxville zoo didn't have a Hippo. He only cried twice and we were able to distract him out of his tantrum. It is nice at this age that disappointment only lasts for about 30 seconds - if only that would carry on into later life.

Friday, October 16, 2009


John surprised me with tickets to see Brooke White and Michael Johns. The tickets came with the perk of second row seats and meeting them after the concert. It was lovely - they were excellent in person.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Mr. Independent

Isaac has fired us as parents. We are no longer allowed to tuck him in at night. He prefers to tuck himself in. I am pretty sure it is because he would prefer to dismantle his bed and wrestle his stuffed animals than lay snugly in his bed right away. The past two nights when I have "checked on him" before going to bed myself he has been teetering on the edge at the foot of the bed, asleep in a position only a contortionist could replicate. Two nights ago I went in and was attempting to turn him around so his head was facing the headboard and not the three foot drop at the end of his bed when I jostled him awake, sort of. He sat up-right, eyes closed, and said "I will do it" and then fell head first into his pillow, completely unconscious. Even in his sleep he is stubborn - impressive.


I am in decent shape. I have been working out for the last 6 months very consistently 5 days a week at 5:30 AM. I alternate between 2-3 miles on the treadmill and doing a routine of push-ups, sit-ups, planks, and jumping jacks. But this morning I just was not feeling it, so I decided to give a TV exercise program a try. I landed on Oxygen Yoga. The 30 minute "warm-up" program that I did today was ridiculous. I only fell twice, given my balance and flexibility I would consider that a success. I could do about 2/3 of it. I am sorry but if I am in a lunge position with my arms wrapped around my leg - I am 100% certain that I can not twist my head under my leg as well.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sports Team Practice

Clearly we need a little more practice...

Picture Day

The boys had pictures taken today. Here is a sneak peak.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Bobby Flay

Yes - Bobby Flay was awesome. We were on the fourth row in the very middle.

Got to hang with John, and got a new signed cookbook! Fabulous day!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Hide and Go Seek

Today has been a fun day. With it raining this morning we decided that today we would be goofy. We started the day dancing to the Wiggles - "You Make Me Feel Like Dancing". I have included a video to show you Isaac's moves - he is quite the dancer. I am beginning to think Mother's Day Out shows Shakira videos to the kids.

We then moved to a game of hide and go seek. The boys were pretty imaginative. My favorite is how they would hide right out in the open with their eyes closed, convinced they were well hidden. I loved how they would start to giggle and squirm when they would hear me getting close. It was a fun day!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Backpack

Eli had a massive backpack on this morning. Feeling a little smarter after yesterday's turn of events...
Me: So Bud, what is in the backpack.
Eli: "Dinosaurs"
Me: Oh, OK
Eli: "Don't worry, I am not going to hit you in the face with it"

Whew - I guess we both learned our lesson.

Today's Agenda

Dear Mom,
I know we have all been a little under the weather lately, which means you haven't been on top of your game. Lack of sleep and a hacking cough has translated into a tired person flopping around the house. So as a courtesy, and because I love you so, I am going to warn you about some events that are going to transpire today. For the most part Isaac and I are going to get along. But about 10:00 AM we are going to fight over a book. Your solution to ending the book dispute is going to be to take the book out of my hand and "gently" toss it across the room. I would like to advise you to creatively think of another plan. This is going to hack me off and I am going to take a backpack, that I have been carrying around all day, and swing it at you and Isaac. Though it looks light and like it is filled with stuffed animals and blankets, it is not. I have filled it with all of my hot wheels cars. These care are light as singles - but a bag of fifty can pack a punch. This bag of cars is going to miss Isaac and hit you in the mouth. Your tooth is going to put a hole in your lip and there is going to be a lot of blood. I just thought you should know.
Despite being angry - you are going to handle your self rather well. You are going to send both of us to our room for what will seem like an eternity, while you clean up your lip, and ponder a punishment. I will at this time applaud you for your creativity in making our punishment three-fold: time-out, spanking, and loss of TV priviledges. As a bit of forewarning, loss of TV priviledges is going to be more of a punishment to you than us.
Sorry I got to this letter a bit late in the day - I was so busy. I am sure you understand. I hope your lip feels better. It is a pretty blue - that is my favorite color.
Love you,