Friday, October 9, 2009

Mr. Independent

Isaac has fired us as parents. We are no longer allowed to tuck him in at night. He prefers to tuck himself in. I am pretty sure it is because he would prefer to dismantle his bed and wrestle his stuffed animals than lay snugly in his bed right away. The past two nights when I have "checked on him" before going to bed myself he has been teetering on the edge at the foot of the bed, asleep in a position only a contortionist could replicate. Two nights ago I went in and was attempting to turn him around so his head was facing the headboard and not the three foot drop at the end of his bed when I jostled him awake, sort of. He sat up-right, eyes closed, and said "I will do it" and then fell head first into his pillow, completely unconscious. Even in his sleep he is stubborn - impressive.

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