Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Mom & Isaac Day

Isaac has been a sicky lately. I took him to the doctor on Friday and had to endure another breathing treatment. This time Eli was with me, he has never had to see a breathing treatment (which consists of 5-10 minutes of high pitch yelling/crying). Eli was crying as well. It was super fun. So today Isaac stayed home from "school". He finishes his antibiotics today, but is on steroids so I was a little concerned for him to pick up some other sickness from the school kids. So... Isaac and I got our first mother/son day. It was so fun. He is quite the character. Here are some pictures of us being silly after lunch.

More pictures...

Here are some more pictures of the boys playing in the front yard. First time running barefoot through the yard! They were loving it!

Silly Faces

Some Pictures

Pictures from Waveland...

Monday, July 20, 2009

The Park

The boys are obsessed with Veteran's Elementary Park. They love the park and playing with the "big kids". The boys run up and introduce themselves to every kid that comes to the park and they demand to be acknowledged. Isaac will say, "hey, hey, hey (louder and louder until the poor kid acknowledges him) and then he says, "My name is Isaac." So far all of the "big kids" have been good sports letting Eli and Isaac run all over the place. When Eli gets excited he runs like a goof, kind of sideways (we call him "sidewinder"). Anyway he isn't so stable running sideways so he falls a lot and consequently it looks like his little legs have been beat with a bat.
Eli is equally obsessed with being a big boy. He is constantly reminding us that soon (4 months) he will no longer be 3, although when we ask him how old he is going to be he says, "Uhm, I don't know." Today after bath time Eli said he can't wait until he is a big boy so he can play at the park all the time and play "hide and go think" with the other boys. Boys think?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Dilemma

It is a dilemma I have dreaded since we completed potty training. I have loaded $80 worth of groceries into a hot car. Isaac is strapped into his car seat. Translation - I have already spent 10 minutes getting out of the grocery and ready to go home. And then.... Eli starts to do the "I have to go peepy dance" and crying. I have heard that with boys there is no warning. This was the first he had said anything about having to go to the bathroom - no mention of it while in the cool store, near a potty. What to do, what to do? Do I unload the kids, drag them into the store, walk all the way to the back, let them go potty in the store, leave my groceries in the hot car for a minimum of 15 additional minutes, and risk Eli not making it and peeing in his pants and on the floor in the store? Do I try to race home and make it to the bathroom (10 minute drive), an almost gurantee that I will be washing the interior of the car seat. Or, do I, dare say it.... Let him go in the parking lot?
I am ashamed by the choice I had to make. But desperate times call for desperate measures, and I would make the same decisions again. Embarrassed, but unapologetic.

By the way, the yellowish puddle in the second spot, on the left side of the middle row, in the parking lot of Meijer is not an unfortunate Mountain Dew spill. It was a dilemma.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


The boys voluntarily put themselves in time-out last week. Isaac started it and Eli followed suit. I have not yet figured out what they did to deserve the self-declared time-out. It has been a week and there have been no weird odors or strange marks on the walls - someday we will figure it out.

The newest thing

Every few weeks the boys pick up a "new thing". It is the words or actions that define them for just a short period of time.

Eli's new thing is being busy. We ask him to do something and he says, "I can't I'm busy." Like at dinner will say - quit playing with your napkin and eat your dinner, and Eli says "I can't, I'm busy." This afternoon at lunch he was asking for fruit snacks and I told him he had to finish his taco first and he said, "I can't I'm busy." So I ignored him for a bit, and then looked over and he was fidgeting in his chair. I asked, Eli, what are you doing? He said, "Trying to get the busy out of me."

Isaac has become our chief procrastonator. It is impressive really. I think he has a play book in his bed of how to drag out "night, night" for 30 minutes. I lay him down close the door and after 5 minutes the crying starts. He starts with "I need to go potty". I usually oblige that one. He then moves to "I need you to sing me a song," or "I need a toy," or "cover me up" - it goes on and on from there. Isaac has also figured out how to fling out his legs and wrap his toes around the bed so you can't put him in bed without essentially folding him in half. I have wised up and realized that if I take him to the potty first, then sing two songs, and then put a toy or two in bed I can minimize the going to bed routine to 5 minutes instead of dragging out for 30 minutes, of crying and calming. The normal "night, night" song request is take me out to the ball game. Two nights ago, "We will rock you." Not your momma's lullaby...

Saturday, July 4, 2009


Since this is Eli and Isaac's baby book of sorts (I am converting it to a book on www.blurb.com). I wanted to record the boys food likes and dislikes - especially since some of them are so weird.

Eli is our carbs and sugar boy. He loves bread, potatoes, and chips (I guess none of those are really surprising). He would eat a gallon of mashed potatoes if he let him. He will eat just about anything with ketchup on it (chicken, hamburger, steak, pretzels, anything). He hates barbecue sauce because if burns his lips. He loves raw vegetables and dip, especially carrots and broccoli. Eli loves sugar (definitely my child). I don't think we have found a sweet he doesn't like. Again he would eat dessert until he puked if we did not stop him. Eli loves casseroles which is a bit unfortunate because Isaac can't eat many normal casserole ingredients (cream of anything soup, mayonaise, eggs, etc.). We have to make "cream of" whatever soup from scratch, and yeah that doesn't happen too often. However, Eli hates cheese. I have even known him to refuse mashed potatoes if there is cheese sprinkled on it. Eli loves fruit - his favs are apples and peaches. Eli isn't too demanding on food, most days he would rather play than eat.

Isaac is a bit of an odd cat when it comes to food. He is bit more adventerous than Eli, and doesn't have too much of a sweet tooth. In fact it will take him forever to eat one cookie, and even then sometimes he doesn't finish it. Isaac likes meat, thankfully. He loves chicken and barbecue sauce. Isaac loves coleslaw and I mean LOVES! Since he can't have mayonaise we either make a vinagrette or make a creamy dressing out of plain yogurt or sour cream. He will eat coleslaw like Eli eats ice cream. Isaac loves cooked carrots, but that is about the only cooked vegetable he will eat. He loves tomoatoes and onions, and he loves salad (unfortunately he is allergic to all of those, but thankfully they don't seem to bother him too much and he still eats them.) He loves bread and loves cheese. Most importantly Isaac could eat all day non-stop. He is as skinny as a rail and constantly wants food.

The Boys - here are some of their favorites: Kix, Shiny Raisin Bran (Raisin Bran Crunch), blue cheese dressing, rolls, breadsticks, pizza, spaghetti, tacos, and salad.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Climbing the gate

I was running on the treadmill this AM. About 22 minutes in there were two little eyes peering at me from the hall. Enter expletive here. Eli scared the crap out of me. I jumped off the treadmill a bit mad, because him being in the basement meant that he had climbed over the child "safety" gate at the top of the stairs. I was giving him an earful about how dangerous it is to climb over the gate at the top of the stairs. He agreed that yes he had climbed over the gate, but that he needed me because he had pooped and peeped on the floor. That's right, despite going to the bathroom before I went down to the basement he let it all go in the floor of the bathroom. As if starting the day on the treadmill didn't stink enough, add poop on the floor and you have the start to a perfect day.