Sunday, July 12, 2009

The newest thing

Every few weeks the boys pick up a "new thing". It is the words or actions that define them for just a short period of time.

Eli's new thing is being busy. We ask him to do something and he says, "I can't I'm busy." Like at dinner will say - quit playing with your napkin and eat your dinner, and Eli says "I can't, I'm busy." This afternoon at lunch he was asking for fruit snacks and I told him he had to finish his taco first and he said, "I can't I'm busy." So I ignored him for a bit, and then looked over and he was fidgeting in his chair. I asked, Eli, what are you doing? He said, "Trying to get the busy out of me."

Isaac has become our chief procrastonator. It is impressive really. I think he has a play book in his bed of how to drag out "night, night" for 30 minutes. I lay him down close the door and after 5 minutes the crying starts. He starts with "I need to go potty". I usually oblige that one. He then moves to "I need you to sing me a song," or "I need a toy," or "cover me up" - it goes on and on from there. Isaac has also figured out how to fling out his legs and wrap his toes around the bed so you can't put him in bed without essentially folding him in half. I have wised up and realized that if I take him to the potty first, then sing two songs, and then put a toy or two in bed I can minimize the going to bed routine to 5 minutes instead of dragging out for 30 minutes, of crying and calming. The normal "night, night" song request is take me out to the ball game. Two nights ago, "We will rock you." Not your momma's lullaby...


Kelly said...

Love that your kids request "We Will Rock You"!!!!!

jejic said...

In recent days we have to do the "loud" version of the song. All four of us sit in Isaac's room and sing "we will rock you" at the top of our lungs. That is right my kids know: "You got mud on your face, a big disgrace, kickin your can all over the place." Does Queen have any songs with scripture in it?