Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Mom & Isaac Day

Isaac has been a sicky lately. I took him to the doctor on Friday and had to endure another breathing treatment. This time Eli was with me, he has never had to see a breathing treatment (which consists of 5-10 minutes of high pitch yelling/crying). Eli was crying as well. It was super fun. So today Isaac stayed home from "school". He finishes his antibiotics today, but is on steroids so I was a little concerned for him to pick up some other sickness from the school kids. So... Isaac and I got our first mother/son day. It was so fun. He is quite the character. Here are some pictures of us being silly after lunch.

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Dereda said...

These are my grandsons. Need I say more? They are definitely the greatest, smartest, best looking, the most entertaining, from 2 of the best and understanding parents, and do you want to hear more.......probably not, but I know that you agree....they are absolutely precious. Just so proud of them.
Meemaw to Isaac and Grandma to Eli