Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Barricade

Isaac has a tendency to get out of bed a lot at night.  He has a variety of reasons, needs to pee, needs to poop, just wanted to check in on us. It is cute once, but after eight times of getting up and down to put him back in bed John and I both get frustrated.  So in protest last night Isaac barricade himself in his room. He pushed several of his "big" toys up against the door so we couldn't come in a "check on him." He sure showed us...

Sunday, August 1, 2010

"Free Hands" & You B%^&h

So Isaac and I were in the bathroom yesterday so he could go pee pee.  John and I have noticed that Isaac will willingly pee by himself if he isn't holding a toy, but is hesitant to put down toys (because he doesn't want his brother to have any fun) so he will ask for assistance when he is holding a toy in hand.  That was kind of a break through because we could never figure out why he could go sometimes and not others. The unfortunate result in "holding toys over the potty" is that inevitably they end up falling in the toilet.  We have had multiple causalities over the past week.  So yesterday, back to the bathroom, a "View Master" card fell in a toilet of fresh pee.  Gross.  So I pulled it out of the toilet and threw it away and told him that if we put toys down before we went pee pee we wouldn't have to throw so many pee stained toys away.  To which he replied - "You Bi&*h."
"Excuse me" I said in shock that he had even heard that word - not one I typically use.  And then he swung his arm in front of him and with enthusiasm said it again "You Bi^&h".  I instantly realized that he was attempting to say "You Betcha", but was living off a critical syllable. We have been practicing A LOT on saying the full word.
You Betcha.