Monday, December 12, 2011


If your child wants to play Uno at 6:30 AM and already has the cards dealt, be prepared to lose.

The best part was that he played a "non-draw 4" wild card first, choose red as the color, and then he had to draw a card because he obviously didn't deal himself any red cards.... 

Somehow I still lost...

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Mario Brothers

So each year we try to get the boys to wear Halloween costumes that fit together.  Last year they were Batman and Superman, the previous year Isaasc was a monkey and Eli was a doctor (from Monkey's Jumping on a Bed). So this year, obviously, they were the Mario Brothers. They were hilarious.  Every time they would go up to a house Eli would say, "Can you guess who we are?" And since most people don't live under a rock they would say, oh you guys are the Mario Brothers.  And EVERY TIME Eli would say, "Unbelievable - how does everyone know who we are? We didn't do a very good jobb of disguising ourselves."  It happened over 10 times and we cracked up everytime.

Seriously though, they were the cutest Mario Brothers ever!

The Model

The boys like pretty girls. Especially Isaac.  I am not sure how else to say it.  Even at this young age they recognize/appreciate physical beauty, and Isaac is very much the charmer.  I receive a health magazine for women and it has various articles about exercising, eating and living health, etc.  Every issues contains a story about some beautiful famous person and has pictures throughout of models whose weight and looks are, lets be honest, unattainable without surgery and a serious amount of airbrushing.  Well, the other day the boys were in my room while I was getting ready for work and they found one of my magazines. And the conversation goes:

Isaac: Oh wow, I am going to marry her. (looking at the model on the back cover of the magazine)
Me: Oh Isaac. Just because she has a pretty face doesn't mean she would be a good person to marry. She might not not be nice.
Isaac: It doesn't matter.
Me: Of course it matters.  You don't want to just marry someone because they have a pretty face, they need to be a good person that loves you. And for you (food allergy boy) they have to be able to cook.
Isaac: Oh I am sure she is a good person, look at her.
Me: Isaac a pretty face and smile doesn't mean a person is automatically nice.
Eli: Isaac you don't even know her name, you can't marry her.
Isaac (exasperated by this time): Her name is Elizabeth and I will marry her.

Oh Isaac...

Saturday, October 8, 2011

September Pictures - One

Eli's Class Trip to Boyd's Orchard

 Hayden & Eli
 Eli's the Head & Jenna Rae supplied the feet
 The whole class
 Picking apples
 The boys and their apples

Homeboy Cooks


As we were getting ready for soccer today Eli asked a bizarre questions - "What chores have I done for the month of October?" I said, "the only think I can think of that you have done consistently is fight with your brother." He said "No, I was thinking about something else..."
Got nothing,
But I will be coming up with a chore list.  It sounds like he wants some. Boy he will regret that question.

Friday, October 7, 2011

The Charmer

I am going to have to label the people in this story or else it will get confusing. So…

A few weeks ago Mom #1 from Isaac’s preschool class came up to me and said, “Are you Isaac’s mom?” I can’t deny him the kid looks just like me. “Well my daughter (Girl #1) is obsessed with your son, like to the point it is almost scary/embarrassing. She talks about him constantly. Sometimes I think he is the only kid in her class…” Mom #1 didn’t think that was as funny as I did.

So today Mom #2 came up to me and said almost the exact same thing. “My daughter (Girl #2) is obsessed with your son. “ Evidently the little girl told her aunt that she had this problem at school. That there is this boy in her class that she really likes, but that her best friend (Girl #3) already said she was going to marry him. But, Girl #2 continues, that is ok, I think I can change his mind…

Well Mom #1 over hears the conversation today with Mom #2, concerning girls #2 & #3. And said really suspiciously “What are you teaching your son?”

We are in for it…

Thursday, October 6, 2011

While we eat...

Isaac and I are heading to Boyd's Orchard tomorrow for his preschool field trip.  During the hayride they give each child a donut and a cup of cider. Isaac can't have the donut (eggs) so I bought a donut pan this week so I could make him a safe option. The boys (John included) are obsessed with these homemade donuts.  I gave the pan a spin last night and made a cinnamon spiced donut rolled in brown sugar. It was delicious.  Tonight when we were getting ready for dinner Eli asked if I had made donuts for dessert.  Since I worked today I said, "No hon, not tonight, I didn't have time."  He consoled me, "It's ok mom you can just make them while the boys eat dinner."
Now why didn't I think of that...

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Changing Their Tune

I have been given a few opportunities to travel lately to make some extra $$.  I hate being away from the fam, but it is a great experience and will lead me in some directions I want to go, career-wise, in the future.  The boys were all hugs yesterday as I was getting ready to leave. Saying, "we'll miss you so much", "who is going to feed us, " blah blah blah.  John said, "Mommy is going to go make us so money so we can go to the beach again next year." Their tune changed quickly. They started doing some kind of happy dance and running around the room and then said "See ya" and pushed me out the door...

When I Grow Up

We have made it a practice to ask the boys what they want to be when they grow-up. We want to start planting seeds and sneaking ideas into their head early so they won't be living with us when they are 30. Given their answers we have our work cut out for us.
Isaac: An animal rescuer... (as a note, Eli is TERRIFIED of animals, how are they so different??)
Eli: An astronaut (will have to move to Germany or China for that one) or "a science" (I guess he wants to be studied?)

Monday, September 19, 2011


It has been a really long time. I know, I have lots to catch up on, but I had to capture my "experience" in doing homework with Isaac.  I am not sure at what point it became cool to "mess" with your mom in preschool, but all I can say is Isaac is going to give us a run for his money.  The homework was easy.  In fact it was the exact same homework he has had for the past two weeks. Trace "Isaac" write "Isaac" twice, trace A (2) and write 10 (A's), and trace a (2) and write 10 (a's). I was thinking 5 minutes tops, which is why I waited until 7:55 PM on a Sunday night before tackling it with him. Not with Isaac - 30 minutes later I was about ready to take the pencil out of his hand and do his homework using my left hand so it would be believably done by a 4 year old.  Tracing went pretty well. Then he "wrote" his name. The "I" was correct, the small "s" was backwards and on the top line, the two a's were so small they looked like they had been typed by a typewriter, and the c was upside down.  He would just look at me and say, "good enough" with this stupid grin on his face that really said, "oh you want to watch the Emmy's - I am going to make sure you miss at least the first four awards."  And I did.....

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Friday, June 17, 2011

I am not sure why...

but Eli wears all of his shirts backwards on purpose. He likes the design to be on the back instead of the front.  What a weirdo.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Becoming a Grown-Up

Eli was complaining about having tacos for dinner. I told him when he turned 18 he can make us all dinner and he can pick what he wants to cook.

He said, exasperated, "What - I have to wait until I'm grown-up! I have tons of lessons to learn before then."

So, so true...

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Pete's Dragon & The Treadmill

Have you ever seen Pete's Dragon? It is a weird movie.  For some reason Eli really likes it.  He was watching it today and during the scene where they are running on large barrels of beer (really not sure how this was ever deemed a "kids" movie) Eli said - "Now there is a family who needs a treadmill." Running drunk on a treadmill, now that sounds like an adventure...

Speaking of running on the treadmill, I learned a valuable lesson last week.  For Mother's Day John installed a flat screen TV in front of my treadmill.  I quickly learned that I can not watch new episodes of funny shows while running.  I about fell off the treadmill laughing at Modern Family, when Cam ran into the door, after falling in the pool.... too funny.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Preschool Graduation

The boys "graduated" from preschool this past week.  I must say it was one of the cutest programs I have been to.  The boys had a great year in preschool - hard to believe Eli will be in Kindergarten next year.  They are growing up on me!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

I wish this wasn't normal

but it totally is...


If only we were as good as we look...

The tie

1) The tie is clip-on
2) It came with an outfit for Eli (6-12 months)
3) Isaac wore it everyday for one week (school, park, library, grocery, Mother's Day Tea, etc.)

That's My Boy....

The best things I ever did...

Teach the boys how to use the hand vac....

I know you are wondering.....

but, I have no idea what was in that box....

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


When Isaac first discovered that the super soft material that pajamas are made of was called cotton he insisted that all of his clothes be made of this fantastic material.  He has been known to come up to anyone who will listen and say - "Feel my shirt - it's cotton." to which we are supposed to reply, "Ahhh, so soft."

Today I was changing his pajama pants into school pants and noticed that he did not have underwear on.
I was a little shocked and said, "Isaac what happened to your underwear?" To which he intelligently replied, "It's so much more comfortable without underwear. Mom, my pants are cotton!"

I am not prepared for a teenager who started going commando at age 4.  What are we in for?

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Run In With Eggs

It turns out chewy sweet tarts have egg in them.  It isn't listed on the allergy statement, which only mentions wheat, it is listed as one of the 50 ingredients on the back. As soon as Isaac ate them he complained of his stomach hurting and was twisting and turning in pain on the couch.  Then came the vomit. Last night was a LONG night.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

T-ball Game #1

We had our first t-ball game yesterday.  It was about 30 degrees outside. Some little guys were crying before the game even started. I went to check on Isaac and he had two snot-cicles sticking out of his nose, but was still in good spirits. We learned two valuable lessons:

1) They do keep score in t-ball
2) You can loose by slaughter rule. 

We lost 16-1.  Eli said he really wanted to win and wanted to know why we didn't have 16 points.  In true mom speak I said - don't worry about it honey you guys will win some (at least I hope so) and loose some (guaranteed). The only thing that matters is that you have fun.

Friday, April 8, 2011

If only....

I assume that all mothers walk that fine line of moving their kids towards self sufficiency and being a little flattered that they are so indispensable and relied on. When my kids are driving me nuts and wanting  something every 7 seconds of the day I try to remind myself that it won't be this way forever, and so I should cherish it, at least a little.  But last night... whew - I really just wanted some sleep.  We have had a great spring break - we have played a lot, accomplished some things around the house, had some friends over; it has been a really nice break. I was TIRED.  Unfortunately I paid the price all night for a bad judgement call.  When a movie says "for kids over 7" next time I am going to listen.  A scary fish man from Scooby Doo tormented us all night.  Eli woke me up a total of 9 times, so if I had been lucky enough to get 9 hours of sleep (ha ha ha) that is one interruption per hour. I would get all snuggled in my pillow and drift away to some far away land made of fine dark chocolate and I would feel a peck on my forehead - "Mom, I'm still scared."

I comforted myself with the thought that his lack of sleep might mean a late morning for him and at least I would be able to exercise uninterrupted. Yeah - so Mr. Bright Eye's was up and ready to go at 5:30 AM. If only I had the energy of a five year old.... I'm optimistically hoping for an early afternoon crash...

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Wetting the Bed

After MONTHS of dry nights John and I decided to save $30 a month and forgo pull-ups at night.  The boys were excited about this milestone.  Tuesday night was our first night in big boy underwear during the night. Well, at least we made it dry for one more night.
Wednesday night both boys wet the bed. Got to go do laundry... 

Sunday, April 3, 2011

T-Ball Update

Isaac made it through his first practice without crying.  Seriously, the kid looked invincible out there.  Instead of stopping the ball with his glove he stopped most of them with his shoes and legs.  I guess boys get to a point where they have some many bruises on their legs they just don't feel the pain anymore. 
The best part was the herding of the team.  No matter where the ball went on a hit the entire in-field (and out-field for that matter) would all go storming after it. Whoever got their first was the lucky one that had to try to chuck it towards first. It is really comical. I can't wait for our first game.

Friday, April 1, 2011


Eli comes by it honestly, but he hates cold food.  He doesn't like sandwiches or deli meat - it just doesn't cut it for him.  I am the same way. I love food, I can't just choke something down.  I would rather be super hungry then eat something I'm not in the mood for. So our lunch options are slim for Eli.  He was a huge peanut butter fan prior to the "peanut butter might kill Isaac" discovery so that hasn't been a food option for 3 years.  And so it goes when you can't have something you want it so bad you can taste.  I have been dying for some peanut butter. So someone told me about sunbutter - made with sunflower seeds.  I was warned that it wasn't the same, but for someone who hasn't had peanut butter in three years it has to be better than nothing, right? We tore it up.  Our first jar is about gone two days later.  I am thinking about buying it in bulk.

The Tale of Two T-balls

We have decided to venture into the world of organized sports this year, signing up the boys for the same t-ball team. It is entertaining to say the least.

So there's Eli....
Eli is one happy go lucky kid.  He celebrates EVERYTIME he makes a stop on the ball.  So the ball rolls to him, and he stops it (about 25% of the time).  He jumps up and down yelling "I'm awesome" and then remembers that he has to throw the ball to a base - it makes it about 30% of the way towards the base.

Then there's Isaac...
He has cried at 100% of the practices. And unfortunately he has this wailing cry that would peel paint of the walls.  The first practice he slide half-way between second and third base burning his tummy on the sand.  "That's it I am done with T-ball." The second practice I was playing "catch" with the boys and nailed Isaac right in the lip.  Blood and crying ensued. "That's it I'm done with T-ball."

Should be an interesting season.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

The "Bad" Words

This is an old one that I somehow forgot to post...
We have identified three words/phrases that are not to be said in our house: "Oh My Gosh" (which sounds worse than it reads), Stupid, and hate.  The boys haven't dabbled beyond these "bad" few phrases, before today.
Today hasn't been good - the boys have been in foul moods today.  So I think they were testing us when the were adding all three word/phrases into sentences and then staring right us. Like "Stupid, I hate you, oh my gosh." or "Oh My Gosh Stupid, I hate you." Both typically followed by a punch.
I guess I should have counted my blessings with those phrases when Isaac kicked me in the rear end and said - "Yeah, KickA$$."

The Tattle Tale

Eli sees two colors, black and white.  If you aren't right you are most definitely wrong. So at school this has become a bit of an issue.  He has a strong tendency to tattle on other kids who aren't doing the right thing, because it is "impossible for even a good teacher to see everything everyone is doing." So he has offered his assistance to his teachers in watching out for bad behavior.  Super.
His teacher has kept me in the loop and we have tried to be on the same page in reminding Eli that unless someone is hurt, bleeding, or crying it is not his job to tell the teacher about other kids.  His one, sole responsibility right now is to learn.  Last week his teacher told me that he came marching across the gym to her and she could just tell he was going to tattle on someone.  Before he could even make it over to her she said told him to stop right there, that she didn't want to hear anything unless it was about him.  She said his jaw just dropped and he froze for about 10 seconds and then gave a big ole smile and said, "I love you Ms. Ward" gave her a hug, and ran away.  Quick thinker.

Thin Mints

Last year we were shocked to discover that Isaac can eat Thin Mints.  Before that discovery he had only one processed cookie option - Oreos. Our favorite girl scounts (Kaeley, Baelyn, and Ms. Monica) gave us a box of Thin Mints for Isaac.  At lunch last week he asked for a Thin Mint for dessert.  I gave him one and ate one myself.  Isaac walked out of the kitchen and into his play kitchen, found a fake chocolate bar from his fake food stash and brought it to me.  Politely he said, "Mom here is a candy bar for your chocolate fix, hands off my thin mints."  

Friday, March 25, 2011

Hershey's Kisses

Isaac is a son after my own heart - he LOVES chocolate.  Yesterday we was so excited that he got a gift bag and it had 6 Hershey kisses inside.  I should have guessed something was up when he kept taking the bag into his room and shutting the door - but I just figured he was wanting Eli to stay out.  So I was a bit shocked when I went grab his bag after dinner and take out the Fineas & Ferb fruit snacks that he requested (also a coveted treat from the gift bag) and 6 empty hershey kisses wrappers fell out of his bag. He had eaten ALL six!! I had to laugh - the kid has about the same amount of self control that I have.  I think he was a little embarrased, but impressed that he had kept it secret for that long.  Needless to say no fruit snacks for Isaac last night...

Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Secret

We have a secret boy-magnet in our back yard.  We have successfully kept it hidden for 4 years now and today the secret was discovered. Eli and I were playing tennis on the driveway and Isaac ventured back deep into the yard.  He came running up to me and said - "Oh My Gosh Mom!! We have to go on an adventure.  Did you know we have a CREEK in OUR BACKYARD!!!!" In the summer there is so much greenery down at the back of the yard that you can barely make out the water.  In the winter it is typically too cold to go out and the boys don't venture into the depths of the backyard.  After today our life will never be the same. We spent an hour throwing rocks and sticks into the creek, chopping worms in half, and "fishing". I have to say I have no idea why we kept it a secret so long...

Monday, February 21, 2011

The bad smell

As Eli was laying down for a rest this afternoon he came into the kitchen and said his hand smelled really bad.  He then asked me to smell it so I could tell him what the smell was.  Warning - if you are a parent you should NEVER fall for this.  Tell your child to promptly wash their hands.  But I was dumb, so naive.  I took a sniff, and ... it smelled like poop. "Eli, why does your hand smell like poop?" "Because my butt itched in the middle."  Naturally.

Taking out the trash

Monday is trash day. John usually goes around the house and empties all the trash cans and takes the trash to the street. Isaac was wanting to, you guess it, wrestle, and was begging John to play super guys with him.  I told Isaac he would have to wait a few minutes while dad took the trash out.  To which Isaac replied:
"You know mom, I have never seen you take the trash out.  What don't you give dad a break and you do it so you can see what it is like." 
So Ironic.

Sunday, February 20, 2011


This morning Eli was picking at his toenails, a gross habit we have been trying to get rid of.  I asked him if he needed me to grab the clippers to cut off a rogue nail and the conversation goes...
Eli: "Nope, I am not doing anything, I just want my hands to rest on my feet." Right..... 
Me: "I don't know how dumb you think I am, you are going to have to sell that story to someone else."  Eli:  "I don't know why you always say that, what am I going to have to do to sell YOU on that story"

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Women's Basketball

So I guess my guys have never seen a women's basketball game.  I was folding laundry and watching a Florida vs. Tennessee women's basketball game, while the boys were wrestling with John in Eli's room.  Eli came in and so the conversation goes....
Eli: Why does the black team of have a woman on their team?
Me: Those are all women playing on the court.
Eli: (scratching his head) huh - well that other one looks like a man.
Me: well, this is a women's game, it is only women on the court.
Eli: (long pause, long pause, still scratching his head) Well, men are better.
Exit Eli.

Friday, January 28, 2011


From November through January, between all the birthdays and Christmas, our house is gift central.  Eli made it clear after his birthday that he does not think clothes are an appropriate gift and has pleaded that Santa provide no clothes this year.  So last night at our annual Cruze family gathering we open presents by age, youngest first.  Isaac was third and Eli was fourth.  Isaac opened up a gift with two sets of PJs, Eli looked at me in desperation and said,  "I said NO clothes." Although, it ended up being Iron Man pajamas, so the grandparents scored big points.