Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Mario Brothers

So each year we try to get the boys to wear Halloween costumes that fit together.  Last year they were Batman and Superman, the previous year Isaasc was a monkey and Eli was a doctor (from Monkey's Jumping on a Bed). So this year, obviously, they were the Mario Brothers. They were hilarious.  Every time they would go up to a house Eli would say, "Can you guess who we are?" And since most people don't live under a rock they would say, oh you guys are the Mario Brothers.  And EVERY TIME Eli would say, "Unbelievable - how does everyone know who we are? We didn't do a very good jobb of disguising ourselves."  It happened over 10 times and we cracked up everytime.

Seriously though, they were the cutest Mario Brothers ever!

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