Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Secret

We have a secret boy-magnet in our back yard.  We have successfully kept it hidden for 4 years now and today the secret was discovered. Eli and I were playing tennis on the driveway and Isaac ventured back deep into the yard.  He came running up to me and said - "Oh My Gosh Mom!! We have to go on an adventure.  Did you know we have a CREEK in OUR BACKYARD!!!!" In the summer there is so much greenery down at the back of the yard that you can barely make out the water.  In the winter it is typically too cold to go out and the boys don't venture into the depths of the backyard.  After today our life will never be the same. We spent an hour throwing rocks and sticks into the creek, chopping worms in half, and "fishing". I have to say I have no idea why we kept it a secret so long...

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