Friday, April 1, 2011

The Tale of Two T-balls

We have decided to venture into the world of organized sports this year, signing up the boys for the same t-ball team. It is entertaining to say the least.

So there's Eli....
Eli is one happy go lucky kid.  He celebrates EVERYTIME he makes a stop on the ball.  So the ball rolls to him, and he stops it (about 25% of the time).  He jumps up and down yelling "I'm awesome" and then remembers that he has to throw the ball to a base - it makes it about 30% of the way towards the base.

Then there's Isaac...
He has cried at 100% of the practices. And unfortunately he has this wailing cry that would peel paint of the walls.  The first practice he slide half-way between second and third base burning his tummy on the sand.  "That's it I am done with T-ball." The second practice I was playing "catch" with the boys and nailed Isaac right in the lip.  Blood and crying ensued. "That's it I'm done with T-ball."

Should be an interesting season.

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