Sunday, March 27, 2011

The "Bad" Words

This is an old one that I somehow forgot to post...
We have identified three words/phrases that are not to be said in our house: "Oh My Gosh" (which sounds worse than it reads), Stupid, and hate.  The boys haven't dabbled beyond these "bad" few phrases, before today.
Today hasn't been good - the boys have been in foul moods today.  So I think they were testing us when the were adding all three word/phrases into sentences and then staring right us. Like "Stupid, I hate you, oh my gosh." or "Oh My Gosh Stupid, I hate you." Both typically followed by a punch.
I guess I should have counted my blessings with those phrases when Isaac kicked me in the rear end and said - "Yeah, KickA$$."

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Jennifer said...

i remember in sunday school one time i said "oh my gosh" when talking to my mom and isaac repeatedly reminded me that i shouldn't say that.... i think it was just his way of getting to say it though since he would say "don't say oh my gosh, don't say oh my gosh" over and over again :) and you're right.... it doesn't sound like oh my gosh when he says it :)