Saturday, July 4, 2009


Since this is Eli and Isaac's baby book of sorts (I am converting it to a book on I wanted to record the boys food likes and dislikes - especially since some of them are so weird.

Eli is our carbs and sugar boy. He loves bread, potatoes, and chips (I guess none of those are really surprising). He would eat a gallon of mashed potatoes if he let him. He will eat just about anything with ketchup on it (chicken, hamburger, steak, pretzels, anything). He hates barbecue sauce because if burns his lips. He loves raw vegetables and dip, especially carrots and broccoli. Eli loves sugar (definitely my child). I don't think we have found a sweet he doesn't like. Again he would eat dessert until he puked if we did not stop him. Eli loves casseroles which is a bit unfortunate because Isaac can't eat many normal casserole ingredients (cream of anything soup, mayonaise, eggs, etc.). We have to make "cream of" whatever soup from scratch, and yeah that doesn't happen too often. However, Eli hates cheese. I have even known him to refuse mashed potatoes if there is cheese sprinkled on it. Eli loves fruit - his favs are apples and peaches. Eli isn't too demanding on food, most days he would rather play than eat.

Isaac is a bit of an odd cat when it comes to food. He is bit more adventerous than Eli, and doesn't have too much of a sweet tooth. In fact it will take him forever to eat one cookie, and even then sometimes he doesn't finish it. Isaac likes meat, thankfully. He loves chicken and barbecue sauce. Isaac loves coleslaw and I mean LOVES! Since he can't have mayonaise we either make a vinagrette or make a creamy dressing out of plain yogurt or sour cream. He will eat coleslaw like Eli eats ice cream. Isaac loves cooked carrots, but that is about the only cooked vegetable he will eat. He loves tomoatoes and onions, and he loves salad (unfortunately he is allergic to all of those, but thankfully they don't seem to bother him too much and he still eats them.) He loves bread and loves cheese. Most importantly Isaac could eat all day non-stop. He is as skinny as a rail and constantly wants food.

The Boys - here are some of their favorites: Kix, Shiny Raisin Bran (Raisin Bran Crunch), blue cheese dressing, rolls, breadsticks, pizza, spaghetti, tacos, and salad.

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