Friday, August 29, 2008

Inside Voices

Pops and I took the boys to the library today. They were thrilled literally running between the puzzles, books, and "quiet area."
The quiet area was indoctrinated today by my kids in the following ways:
  • Both were singing "We Will Rock You" while running from one side to the other - this has been the household theme song for over one month now
  • Eli was jumping off the side benches saying Steppin' Time (from Mary Poppins)

Pops and I politely asked Eli to be quite, as the conversation goes:

Mom: Shh, Eli we need to be quite

Eli: But I want to talk

Mom: It is OK to talk, just quietly

Eli: But I want to talk loud

We didn't stay too long.....

1 comment:

Julie said...

Jana, I try to take Brody to the library with very good intentions. But, he just doesn't get the "quiet voice" thing. It must be 2-year olds! We always end up leaving way earlier than planned!