Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Of course I am describing our resident procrastinator, Isaac. Isaac has a long list of potential delayers when it comes to bedtime. His favorite is "I have to go pee/poop" which you can't really argue with. If they do really have to go then you may have a wet bed in the AM. So we both typically give in on this one, with one caveat. We tell him, if you don't pee/poop we are going to have to give you a spanking for lying. Sometimes that terminates the bathroom trip - other times Isaac swears that he really has to pee. So on Monday, in response to an "I have to pee plea", and a threaten of the lying-spanking, he said "I promise I am going to pee a lot - my wee wee is very full". So we go to the bathroom - I am waiting, waiting and then really panicked he says, "Oh Crap," covers his butt and starts backing away saying, "Please don't spank me, please don't spank me." Very innocently I say - "oh, I'm not going to spank you because you really have to pee." And with that sweet smile he says, "Nope - I was lying."

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