Monday, November 17, 2008

A good week

So it is Monday and I have already worked about thirty hours and I am TIRED!!!! What a week we have ahead! I had a grant due today, and I have two site visit audits on Wednesday. One is a financial audit. I am not going to lie - I am a bit freaked out about it. On Thursday Eli is turning 3!!!! I can't believe it! So we have a bunch of family coming over. On Friday we are heading to Tennessee for Thanksgiving with some of John's family. It is one of those weeks that really needs to go perfectly for everything to get done.
So what would make this week clearly awesome? For the kids to get sick of course! Eli was a bit under the weather this weekend, but not to be out done Isaac is full fledge sick! Right now he is passed out in his room. He was breathing so hard and fast today it sounded like he had run a marathon. The nurse gave him a breathing treatment (which is litterally 5 minutes of hell), gave him two steroid shots and tested him for RSV. The nurse swore that the RSV test would be the worst thing, I mentioned that the breathing treatments were pretty rough. I think she thought I was an idiot until we were both sweating trying to wrestle this little pig to keep the air mask on his face. He screamed like a girl for 5 minutes straight - yes we were that family in the doctor's office today. Despite the torture I think Isaac is feeling better.
I think I will eat some chocolate tonight! I need/deserve/want it :)

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Jennifer said...

i was wondering where he was sunday... hope he gets feeling better, it's not the same without isaac in there :)