Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Eli is turning 3

Just so you know - I survived the grant application and the 2 audit's today. Whew - I am glad they are over. I think I stressed a bit too much, it turned out just great.
I got Atlanta Bread Company for the group. I actually used $100 in complaint money I had received from them. Let me preface this by saying I don't complain to businesses, ever, really. So this was way out of the ordinary for me. But two weeks in a row we ordered soup and sandwiches for our support group and they gave us all knives and no spoons. Kind of embarrassing. So I called to let them know. As a token, they gave me $100 in gift cards for their goods. So I called yesterday I ordered two boxes of coffee - a baker's dozen of muffins and a baker's dozen of bagels. And ironically - they got the order wrong. Best I can figure - I asked for assorted, so the kid wrote down 4 - banana, 4 chocolate chip, 4 cranberry and 5 oatmeal - so that is 17, not 13. So they actually charged me for the extra - 4, because that is what was written on the paper. The poor manager looked a bit frazzled, and I didn't have the heart to complain again... If it is any consolation - it was yummy.

More importantly, Isaac is feeling better. Still wheezing a bit, but much better.

So, on to better, more important things! Tomorrow Eli will turn three! I can't believe. Time has gone so fast. Tonight my mom and I made a Lightening McQueen cake for him.

Don't worry, we aren't going to quit our day jobs, but considering our skill set - I think the cake turned out pretty good. Eli was impressed, and I think he is the only one that matters :)!

Just Kidding - we had just started...

Not so bad, huh? The cake pan has all of these nice contours and lines to help you decorate. Although the first thing they tell you to do is cover the whole thing in white icing, which covers up all of the very nice contours - so we basically had to free hand it. They did provide two pictures to help us - one was 2 x 2 inches (even for 30 year old eyes that is TOO SMALL) and the other was backwards. A man must have prepared it.
The best news is.... It only took 2 hours. Isaac's airplane and Eli's train took us FOUR hours each!!!

We also made some Isaac friendly allergy-free cupcakes.

So, most of our immediate family will be joining us for dinner tonight! Fun times!
Happy Birthday Eli!!!!

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EGs' Mom said...

Wow - good job!
All the Wilton character pan instructions are backwards, isn't that nice.