Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Wild Ride

Our family went to trunk or treat at church last night - we had a great time. The boys LOVED getting candy! I mean LOVED it! The church also had some of the huge inflatable rides for the kids - which were equally loved! The boys went on this one ride that had a huge slide on it. Eli was up and down with no issue, but Isaac - well his big moneky belly was kind of getting in the way. Our assistant children's minister helped with getting him up the huge climb up, but Isaac was a little terrified to go down on his own. He was just sitting up at the top staring down on all of the waiting parents. There were two kids up there with him and I yelled up to them - "Push the monkey down the slide" because I knew he couldn't get hurt and would love the ride once he was on the way down. But, since our church is filled with great kids none were willing to push him down. A few more came up and by now there were about 5 kids sitting up there waiting for Isaac to go. All of the parents by now were yelling - "Push the monkey - push the monkey." This went on for at least a minute - we were all cracking up. Finally one of the more "boyish" kids in our church climbed up - I knew he would take care of business. I yelled "Will, push the monkey" and he was like "Sweet" and down went Isaac. When Isaac got to the bottom we was jumping up a down saying "I did it, I did it."
Well, sort of!

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Kelly said...

Push the monkey! Hilarious. Gotta love those parental moments! :) Someday Isaac will read this story and thank you all!