Sunday, December 13, 2009

This one is about poop...

Just so you are fair warned, this is all about poop, and it is kind of gross, but really funny.
Eli had to go to the bathroom today before we left church. He lifted the potty seat and it appeared that someone had a major accident. In our house we call it explosive poo. There was poop all over the bottom of the seat. I know poop is a part of life, but it was really gross. So Eli starts talking it up. "Oh mom, I have to get out of here - there is poop everywhere." He proceeds to come out of the stall, pants around his ankles, moving to the next free stall (luckily there were only two other people, mortified middle schoolers, in the bathroom with us). By this time he decides he has peed all he can, yet he continues, "I can't believe someone did that to the bathroom. Why would someone poop all over the toilet seat? I know adults have really big butts and they have to poop sometimes, but come on."
Oh my goodness. I was trying so hard to hold it together, but it really was hilarious. I redirected him to washing his hands VERY good in VERY hot water, and asked him to talk about something else that someone was probably feeling very sick and didn't mean to. He said, "OK - but that was really gross."

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