Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Turtle did it...

Eli likes to make orange juice, fake orange juice. He puts a couple of clementine oranges in a Tupperware container, stirs them around with a fake spoon and makes "fake" orange juice. On Monday he had taken 3 oranges out of the fruit bowl and was clearly dissatisfied with the container I gave him to work with that was "too small". He came into our bedroom while we were getting ready for work and showed us his new big container with a lid.
The question is where did he get it, since they are stored on a top shelf in the kitchen. Eli's first response was that he got it out of a dresser drawer in his room. When I told him "I didn't know we were stock piling Tupperware in your room," he said "Well maybe uhm Turtle got it for me." I have included a turtle below because his sad state makes Eli's answer all the funnier. I am assuming it was statements like those that were behind the "Calvin and Hobbes" cartoon.

So, John and I had a little fun with him. "Well how did turtle get up there? And, wow turtle must be so strong!" Well not to be out done by turtle Eli said "No, I'm strong - I got it down." "Oh, so you did get it down." Our trip to the kitchen contained all of the evidence - original container thrown on the floor, chair up against the kitchen cabinets, storage container cabinet door wide open. Another mystery solved.

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