Saturday, July 12, 2008

So, my shoulder still hurts

It happened Wednesday. It started by turning in what I hoped to be my last copy of my Master’s Thesis. I have been working on this degree for 6-7 years – so this was an accomplishment, a new day. So, I thought I would clean my office.

For about six years now my office (I have had three of them) has looked like Office Max, Bissell, and 3M have had a drunken three-way resulting in an explosion of paper, post-its and dust bunnies. This cleaning was long over-due. But I was thinking major over-haul, not just cleaning. I was on maternity leave when they relocated to the new office and I have never loved the arrangement. I wanted to move my office furniture around – moving some filing cabinets, make it homey.

So I started this excursion by picking up a two file filing cabinet – with the paper still in it (of course – you will find that nothing in this story is intelligent) and lifting it four feet over my desk – hence the bruises on my legs and arms. When I got it to its new space I was one inch too short. No big deal, I will move my massive wood, particle board desk with a tall wood shelving unit an inch or two by leveraging myself on the wall. The desk moved 2 inches, the shelving unit did not. Instead it crashed on the floor. I was trying to play it cool as my office mates came running saying “Its cool – I’m fine. I know it sounds like the building was being demolished – I am just moving things around.” It looked like my co-workers were looking at a Christmas tree full of presents. One said “Grab all her stuff and pull it out of her office, we will vacuum and dust.” It turns out, they were just dying to clean my office. So we moved everything out into 9-10 3-foot piles, I only wish that was an exaggeration.

It is so neat now my key-board echo’s when I type. I think my co-workers have a pool going as to how long it will last – I am thinking three weeks tops…..

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