Saturday, July 12, 2008

The toy stick

We keep a long stick in the coat closet that we use to dig toys out from under the couch. It is a much desired toy of Eli’s, mainly because we are not stupid enough to let a two year old have a stick. It is the mystery that keeps it interesting. It had been in a temporary home above the refrigerator and I was moving it back to the closet. Unfortunately Eli saw me do it – and so drama ensued. After five minutes of camping in front of the door so Eli couldn't open the door, and Eli screaming and crying, the phone rang. So is the dilemma – do I go get the phone, thus abandoning the door and leaving Eli free to get the stick? Or do I let the machine pick up and continue the lesson. Eli perked right up knowing my decision – “Mom, mom the phone is ringing you have to get it, answer the phone, go get it” By the time I answered the phone he was happily in the floor with his stick, Eli - 1; Mom - 0

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