Wednesday, September 16, 2009

These days

I am of the opinion that the boys are getting funnier each day. It is amazing to see their personalities emerge out of these little, active bodies. Eli is very much a right brain thinker. He is creative and has quite the imagination. He loves food network (praise the Lord) and these days stacks his toys into three foot "cakes" (perhaps I watch too much Ace of Cakes). We have to wait until they cool off, but they pretend taste amazing. His toys serve more than just their designed purpose. Trucks stack and become machines, blocks and toys combine to make new items. His world is limitless.

Isaac is very left brain. He loves to read, loves books. He is quite intelligent, if I don't say so myself. He knows his numbers and can identify them even out of order. His day and life has to be very structured. For instance, things have to happen in a particular order, and if that order is disrupted we have to start from scratch. At bed time he goes to the bathroom, sings a song, climbs into bed, grabs and animal, I cover him up and off to sleep. If I happen to try to put him into bed, rather than letting him climb in - drama ensues and the process must begin again!

Despite their differences they really enjoy each other. Recently they are starting to pick up what annoys the other and exploiting that. The other night Eli stole a book from Isaac and Isaac angrily (yet trying not to laugh) said, "I'm mad at you" and just started to wail on Eli. Funnily enough he doesn't hit very hard so Eli thought he was playing and a spontaneous wrestling match ensued. Fun times!

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