Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Tuesdays are not fun. Isaac gets a 45 minute nap at school, Eli doesn't take one. Last Tuesday was nuts - nuts enough for John and I to declare that we must make the kids sleep next Tuesday, which is today. And it didn't work.
I tried for one hour to get the boys to lay down. It turns out during that hour each boy had to both poop and pee. Eli moved everything from the floor to his bed (not sure where he was supposed to sleep). Isaac decided it would be funny to cover his head with his bed sheet and walk around his bed (he hit his head twice on the headboard, resulting in tears).
The ultimate low was when Eli snuck out of his room and into Isaac's and Isaac started saying "We're not sleeping, we're not sleeping."
I had warned them three times that I would give them a spanking if they didn't lay down - after three warnings it was time to make good on that promise. I spanked Eli and sent him to bed, he was relatively unphased. I spanked Isaac and a good ten minutes of crying ensued - along with a long list of loud, declarative statements like:
"I didn't want a spanking"
"I not tired"
"Don't spank me"
"It hurts, Kiss my butt"
What to do next Tuesday....

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