Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Followers

The more time I spend with Eli and Isaac - watching their shenanigans - the more I realize we are in big trouble once they can fully communicate. A week or so ago I bought them miniture pumpkins at the grocery for being good. Not sure what I thought they would do with them, but they were cute. The first question asked was "What is inside of the pumpkin," - "Seeds" I replied. From that minute forward the overarching goal has been to break them open - they threw them out of the car once we got home, have bounced them all throughout the house and spent 20 minutes kicking them up and down the hallway yesterday. Luckily they ae pretty sturdy so I am letting the fun continue until they become mush melons - at which time they will disappear to the happy hunting ground where all toys-that-become-weapons find their way.

Yesterday we received the following note from Eli's teacher:
Parents, please talk to your children about keeping their shoes and socks on at school. As you can imagine it is very time consuming to put 10 children's shoes/socks on sometimes more than once a day. Next week we will put their shoes and socks by their bags if they keep taking them off. Thank you
I find this letter hilarious - not from the teacher's standpoint because that would be a royal pain, and I do plan on talking to Eli next Tuesday before school. However, from a kids standpoint - I can totally see them gathering around the slide, plotting and scheming. "I start with shoes, then you, and you, and you.... and then we take off socks. Same order." Seriously, what will they think of next? The teacher will be getting crafts ready one minute and turn around to 10 butt-naked kids.

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