Monday, October 13, 2008

This post is coming to you at midnight on our first day of vacation. Oh –check that it is only 7 pm – feels like midnight. Today should best be presented in Parts – I “The Zoo” and II “The Aftermath”. Part I is full of happiness, laughter, and good memories. Part II is full of screaming, crying, and the gnashing of teeth.

Part I – The Zoo
We had an excellent family trip to the zoo. Below is a series of video clips and pictures from our day of fun. And yes – that is a video of a giraffe spitting water at us. Really – it was a good day.

Part II - The Aftermath
Nap times were obviously disrupted by our trip to the zoo. As a result there were a series of unfortunate incidences at our house.
1 full hour of wrestling - resulting in a bloody lip
3 time outs for Eli
2 time outs for Isaac
On and off crying for most of the evening.
Isaac ate his entire dinner like cookie monster and I caught Eli licking the table during dinner at least twice.
2 sippy cups whizzed across the room, more than once.
I am sure I cleaned up more food on the floor then I think they got in their mouths.

As the perfect night cap - someone pooped in the bath.

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