Friday, October 10, 2008


The girl to guy ratio at the mall playground today was about 3-1. Our boys were quite the draw, naturally. Eli had an older girl smitten with him about 15 seconds into our excursion. The conversation seemed to flow effortlessly. She kept introducing herself, politely asking Eli his name to which he replied - "I, two and a half." Conversation issues obviously begin early. She replied "I got that, but what is your name." Her marked sarcasm was nice, I thought maybe I should take her name down in case she was still cute in about 12 years. As they went back and forth far too long I finally interceded and said "Eli tell her your name" being an intelligent girl of 4 she said, "So your name is Eli, Chase me." And the nap preparation began. Eli chased the girls for a solid half of an hour. At one point Eli paused on one of the toys to take a breath and they came running up - "CHASE us" to which the ever brilliant Eli replied - "I not Chase, I Eli."
Isaac also found the girl of his dreams - she was about six and he kept running up to her and grabbing her around the waste - she was a real trooper, but definitely not interested.
I believe we are in for it.


queenhaiku said...

i love the mall play area. i'm thinking about letting the boys start smoking in hopes it will stunt their growth enough so they can keep going several more years...

Kelly said...

Oh my goodness, that is such a cute story!