Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Agony

It is official. We are a pacifier free house. Eli never really used one. Isaac, however, has been a different story. In fact there were times when I would catch him with two in his mouth.

For 2 years the pacifier has been his sleep aid. So much so that he has had a permanent red mark above his lip (observe the Christmas pic below). We were fearing permanent lip and teeth damage, so we decided to end the era. I kind of feel bad that we didn't warn him. We didn't let him relish his last night with the friend. We just put him down for a nap on Sunday and said - you are a big boy now and big boys don't need a pacifier. We were definitely met with some resistance. The first night we put him down he flailed around for about 3 minutes crying - I felt so bad for him. But we persevered through and only thee days later he is pacifier free. He hasn't asked for it since Tuesday at nap and has actually gone to bed happily the last two nights. Kind of crazy that a two year habit can be over in 48 hours, huh?
I hate that my baby days are over, sort of. It is kind of sad to see that era gone, but at the same time... I sure love the matchbox cars, hallway basketball games, and wrestling matches. I think a new, more fun era has begun!


queenhaiku said...

more fun-yes...more destructive-absolutely

Julie said...

Brody is 28 mos, and still sleeps with his binky. He is suffering through an ear infection now, but when he is healthy, bye-bye binky! I hope his transition is as smooth as Isaac's was!

jejic said...

Be strong, be strong! We also tried to attach Isaac to something else. We pointed out his stuffed animals so something other than his paci would give him comfort.