Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Shark Crap

Uncle Joe is going to get the title credit on this one...
So, Uncle Joe has lunch with us on Sundays and does his laundry. He comes after church and changes into shorts when he gets here. The boys have been walking around pulling their pants up to their knees and saying "Look, I'm uncle Joe."
Today - we were in the van and Eli said "Look, I'm Uncle Joe" (pants pulled up into the shorts position). So that sparked a conversation about Uncle Joe and if he was going to be at our house when we got home. I said, "No, Uncle Joe is in school right now" (he is studying at UK to be a Physical Therapist). Thoughtfully Eli said "I bet Joe is making a Shark crap. I bet he is using sparkles and glue." (Crap is craft in Eli speak). Clearly Eli is well challenged at "school" - his preschool is a well known for their college prep curriculum.

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