Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Christmas with kids is just fun. Everything about it is fun. The family events, the food, the presents. I think kids are really what make the holidays great. Well, at least that is how I feel about my kids. My family members who saw my kids running in circle for literally 1 hour may not have felt the same way - but that is what stuffing cookies in them will do.
So - of course they did some funny/cute things...
  • On Christmas morning John and I sat out a couple of the boys gifts. We only got them three things each since they have a family that LOVES to spoil them. (Also we got them a train table and we were waiting for the train accessories that they were getting later in the day.) Evidently our "pile" of presents was not impressive. They did not even notice them in the morning. In fact it was about 9:00 PM before we opened them - and John and I were the ones that instigated it. As a side, they LOVED their "Buzz Lightyear" and "Woody" dolls.
  • After the boys woke up in the AM and had some milk we were getting them dressed to go to nana and pops house for breakfast. I was putting Isaac shoes on and he said "Where we going?" I said, "Pops and Nana's for breakfast." Isaac said, "Hum, fun."
  • Every time, and I mean every time, ANYONE opened a present Isaac would hover over them and way "What's it going to be?" although it sound more like "Wha i gona be?"
  • When Eli opened a present he would squeal and say "Thank you berry much - it is AMAZING." Although one gift he opened up and he said "Oh neat" and I said "What is it Eli" and he said, "Hummmm, have no idea..."
  • Eli and Isaac delivered their present to their cousin Gracie - and she took it over to Laura (her mom) to read the tag. Laura said "This one is from Eli and Isaac." Gracie then threw (literally) it back at them, still wrapped. I think she misunderstood that it was FROM Eli and Isaac and not TO Eli and Isaac.
  • This one is kudos to Mamaw. We stopped by mamaw's to drop off her present and wish her a Merry Christmas. While Isaac was unwrapping his gift her scissors fell out. That is right - she wrapped her scissors in the gift. Classic.

It was a great day. I hope to have some video up later. They got a "My First Grand Piano" from their aunt Judy. Playing it became an impressive wrestling match.

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