Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Catch Up

I am back. We have had a few nutty weeks, but hopefully we are over the craziness! Two weeks ago we were a house of puke, and last week we were a very dark house (no electricity from Wednesday - Sunday). Today we are a house of laundry! Here is what the boys have been doing:
  • About three weeks ago Eli said "Oh My Gosh" about 20 times a day. It sounds a little too much like a violation of the second commandment. So, we had a detailed talk about how that word displeases Jesus. So.... they are letting everyone know. It turns out that "Oh My Gosh" is a frequently used phrase by just about everyone. The boys seem to hear every time it is used and they will repeat "You aren't supposed to say that" over and over again until they are acknowledged by the offender.
  • This is a bit TMI, but it was funny. Two weeks ago Eli had vomiting and diarrhea. Diarrhea was very confusing to him, he would say "I'm peeping, no, I'm pooping, but it's wet, uhm I am not sure what I'm doing..."
  • Eli occasionally says "shut up" I am not sure where he heard it, but he uses it totally out of context like, "Let's shut up" or "Are you shut up?" I am not sure what he is trying to say.
  • Eli was trying to jump off his changing table and I told him he can't do that because he will break is arm, to which he replied - "I can't break my arm mom, there is something hard in there or something." A master of anatomy.
  • Eli ends almost every sentence with, or something. Like "I am playing blocks, or something," "I get dressed, or something," my favorite, "I am being good, or something"
  • We stayed with my parents while the electricity was out. Isaac learned that he can usually get what he wants if he asks around enough. He does not like milk, he will drink it, but he hates every minute of it. So, we have a rule, no juice before 10. Isaac is well aware of this rule. My parents drink orange juice in the AM, so Isaac asked them for his juice, and they gave it to him, at 6:30 AM. I came in to the living room and Isaac was sitting between "Pops and nana" and he said - "Pops has juice, Nana has juice, and Isaac has juice" he smiled and sipped away. What a turkey.
  • I had to pick Isaac up from school today because he threw up. I really hate that, for the teachers - it was his first time believe it or not, so he was a bit traumatized. It seems to be an isolated incident. Evidently he was jumping up and down in a circle with his friend Logan right after lunch time. Isaac & Logan bumped heads, so Isaac threw-up. I brought Eli and Isaac home and gave them a bath. Isaac stood up and pooped in the tub. Eli thought it was hilarious, and so did Isaac, until he realized there was poop floating in the bath. He then started crying and said. "Stop waafing Ei, Stop waafing"

So - that is our house. You are tired just thinking about it, aren't you?


Kelly said...

Oh my. I AM tired just reading this! Kaelyn learned the "Oh my gosh" rule of not saying that. Same thing: when we heard it come out of her mouth, it sounded bad! (Funny perspective that kids bring. To others gosh is mild!) So she says "oh my goodness." But now I realize how many people say "oh my gosh" because she'll say "what'd you say? oh my goodness!" and correct them. Kids are too funny!

Jennifer said...

ok so funny story.. nick was in the nursery with us on sunday morning and he said oh my gosh and isaac goes don't say oh my gosh.... we thought we were hearing things so nick says it again and isaac said the same thing... i was like he must be thinking that you are saying oh my G-O-D but still found it hilarious that he was telling nick not to say it... guess we better watch we say :)so sorry!

aimeenky said...

haha Zach went through the oh my gosh phase a couple weeks ago and we kept correcting with Oh my goodness...funny how they pick up things though. He corrected me once after that and I've been really watching my mouth around him ever since.