Sunday, February 8, 2009


It amazes me how both boys are growing up so fast. Everyday they seem to say something that just shocks me. I wonder sometimes if they really know what they are saying, or if it just sounds super insightful.
At lunch today Eli and Isaac tore through a taco, so we offered them some fruit snacks, or "Scooby snacks" as they refer to them. Eli was waiting for me to clean-up his hands and Isaac, well Isaac is 2 you know, so he was repeating "I want Scooby snacks, I want Scooby snacks" - over and over and over. Eli looked at Isaac and said, "Isaac, you have to be patient." PATIENT! ELI! That is almost an oxymoron, but he actually described to me what it means. So, he knows what it means - lets see if he can put it into practice.
Isaac on the flip side surprised me in his own little way today. As you may know he has a laundry list of allergies. At church they have a "Special Needs' sticker - as we fondly refer to it as. this sticker says - "Please remember my special needs" and John and I write "Peanut Allergy - Isaac has his own snack." We stick it on the back of his shirt so his Sunday School teacher will remember that he has to have the $20 crackers in his back pack, instead of the church provided animal crackers. Today as I was changing his clothes I took the sticker off and Isaac said - "Is that my allergy sticker? I need that on my back." I hate that he has to deal with this, but for him to recognize at 2 how important his allergies are, gives me hope...

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