Sunday, August 23, 2009

I can do it

Isaac is currently experiencing a streak of independence. He can do everything and will absolutely melt down if you in any way shape or form try to speed up the process or correct his efforts. As of late he is insisting on putting the potty seat on the toilet before going peep. Unfortunately, the person using the potty before him (Eli) leaves the toilet seat up. My efforts to date to educate/correct Isaac have been futile. Therefore, Isaac puts the potty seat on a toilet that has the seat up, he sits on the potty seat, both he and the potty seat fall into the water, and then crying ensues because his "butt is all wet".
It was my understanding that your kids were not supposed to think you were a complete moron until well into middle school/high school. Did I miss that "Mom your amazing" stage?

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