Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Wild Banshee

Do you watch 30 Rock? It is one of my favorites because it is ridiculous. There is a character named Kenneth Parcell who is a page for NBC. He is a naive, straight-laced character, supposedly out of the hills of Virginia/West Virginia. He lands in NY and is oblivious to how out of place he is. Anyway he has an annual party, oh yeah he hands out invitations that are on this big giant pink cupcake cards - it is a really funny episode. Anyway everyone tried to avoid him during his invitation week so they wouldn't have to go because he plays polka music and, well you get the drift. Anyway, Tracy Jordan (one of the outlandish characters) starts a rumor that fall out boy and TI are going to be at the party, and all of the sudden the party is a rage and everyone is going. They show snippets of the party and everyone is crazy out of control. They totally destroy Kenneth's apartment and his innocent party becomes an catastrophe. You should watch the episode. Anyway, my point is that this is what our house is like right now. Isaac has been prescribed a steroid for his breathing issues and the steroids make him nuts. Literally crazy, out-of-control. He is running all over the place - it is like he can't destroy the house fast enough. And Eli, though not on these mind altering steroids, is feeding off Isaac's craziness. The two of them are running laps around the house throwing things. I try to stop it but they just running me down like I am non-existent. This is day 2 of TEN of these steroids. If I have a nervous breakdown you now know why....

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