Thursday, August 20, 2009


I hadn't looked at this picture in a while, but used it today in our craft (or crap) for MOPS today. What a fun memory. This was the first time we had professional pictures of the boys taken together. It was not a fun experience as neither of the boys were interested in being photogenic. In fact we purchased this picture because it was the best, so you can use your imagination as to what the other pictures looked like. I was sweating by the time the session was over chasing Eli around the studio. Oh, but how time has passed. Isaac had just started sitting up (he was falling backwards and Eli was catching him in this shot) and Eli still had a head full of curls. They grow up so fast.
The boys are getting taller and older all to fast. Each day they seems to look less and less like toddlers and are getting that "little boy" look. While I love love love this stage I do miss their littleness. Life now seems to be a balancing act of allowing them to identify and understand boundaries, explore the world without hampering their creativity, and at the same time try to keep them alive. Boys are insanely creative at making the mundane dangerous. Eli was working today on the door. He was standing on a hamper, that was posied on his toy box (placing him about 5 feet in the air), banging on the door frame with a plastic hammer. I need nerve pills.
I am also constantly amazed at how literal Eli's world is becoming. He knows nothing other than reality and so using slang around him can send his small world into a tail spin. Each morning I exercise and when I come up stairs to take a shower I am literally soaked with sweat. Inevitably Eli is waking up about the time I go to take a shower and so we meet in the hallway and I take him to the potty. This morning Eli was wanting to get right to playing and I told him he needed to play quitely in the room while I "jumped in the shower." He laughed at me like that was the most ridiculous idea in the world, because clearly, if I jumped in the shower I would definitely fall. He got a good laugh out of it - such a cute way to start the day.


Anonymous said...

hmmm...actually got a little worried on this post. Thought maybe you'd lost that sarcastic edge and truned into this bizarre, touch-y-feely,sentimental sap. Whew--boy was I relieved when I got to the "nerve pill" line. That's the kinda Sunday School teacher I want for MY kid! You ROCK!

Kelly said...

I keep trying to stop myself from saying "jump in the shower" because Kaelyn keeps taking me literally when I tell her to. Not a good thing! :)