Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Our first bad report card...

At Mother's Day out the boys get daily report cards. Naturally I am used to glowing comments - "Eli is brilliant", "Isaac is so smart", "Eli was a great kid today", "Isaac danced all day" - you get the point. Today was our first bad report card - Isaac had a rough day, well, maybe Isaac's teacher had a rough day, thanks to Isaac.

In case you can't read it here is a run down of Isaac's day:

Nap time - Teacher: "Lay down and take a rest"; Isaac: "No"

Time Out (since nap time was not going well) - Teacher "Time out Isaac"; Isaac: "I can't"

Time Out - Creatively Isaac spent the whole time picking his nose and showing his teacher his great finds.

Sorry, Ms. Michelle... Rough Day...

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