Thursday, January 22, 2009

Talking Points

The last few days the Collins household has been down with a stomach bug. That means lots of time indoors together, which for us translates into good quality time with the boys. Here are a few of their cute sayings:

- Eli threw an absolute fit yesterday because John and I turned "Sid the Science kid" off (because Eli and Isaac were chasing each other around the house) and turned on the news. Evidently a child can "watch TV" without really watching it. Anyway he made it very clear that he HATES co-MAR-sha-lins (commercials).
- Eli loves to fake cook. yesterday he was making me cookies and I asked them what kind of cookies they were he said - this one is serious and this one is wonderful. My two descriptions for good chocolate :).

- We were reading a book on animal sounds and we were talking about a picture of dirty, muddy pigs - Isaac said "oohh yuck mom - get the soap"

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