Friday, January 9, 2009


Eli and Isaac were playing today on their train table. Isaac felt it necessary to knock over the entire forest of trees. The proper punishment, according to Eli, was to smack Isaac in the face so hard that he fell straight backwards. I promptly sent Eli to his room and comforted Isaac. When I went back to talk to Eli he was sitting in his chair, sucking down juice. We talked about why he was in trouble - to which he replied - "Uhm, I just hit Isaac in the face." Like, you know, no big deal, what's all the fuss. I told him Isaac shouldn't have knocked down the trees, but mommy would take care of Isaac, Eli didn't need to hit. I told him he really hurt Isaac and that he was in trouble. So I told him I was going to spank him, and he said "OK mom, just make it a little one." We are in for it, aren't we?

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Curtis and Tricia said...

I don't know what you are going to do with that one!! He is too little to come up with all the smart little comebacks!! Gosh he's so sute though! Good luck!!