Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Chocolates

I have this lovely bag of chocolates that John gave me for Valentines day. I am proud they have lasted this long. The bag has sat in my floor for the past few weeks and I raid it whenever I need a fix. Dark, wonderful chocolate. I have always loved chocolate, but since having the boys I find that I NEED it. This afternoon while I was fixing lunch Eli came in, his teeth were brown. "Mommy I ate a chocolate." He sat on the floor, looking pretty pitiful, I think he felt kind of bad. I was more concerned about what he had gotten chocolate on in the process and how many he had eaten. I went back to the room and asked where he put the paper that was on it and he said back in the "prize bag" - I saw two wrappers in there. I came out and said that this was mommy's present from daddy and that he should have eaten it. He said, "I'm sorry momma, but I just had to, and it was so tasty." At least I have raised him to appreciate the "good stuff".

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