Monday, March 30, 2009

Potty Training 101 - Day 1

9:00 AM
Today is the first day of Spring Break. My parents are on a deserved vacation so I am home with the boys. I have two goals for the boys – to learn at least ten letters in the alphabet and to potty train. I have been seriously potty training for one hour and it is excruciating. Maybe this is Jana’s lesson in patience. Eli and Isaac have been awake for one hour and we have spent exactly 50 minutes in the bathroom.

Eli – 0.25
Isaac 1.5

Eli has tried 4 times now. Evidently conditions have to be perfect for peeping in the potty. We have tried a variety of combinations. Toilet paper seems to be quite a draw - two pieces of toilet paper in the toilet and three pieces of toilet paper in the toilet. Eli requested that I clean the toilet. He has requested the shower curtain open and the shower curtain closed. We have tried with water running and with it off. We started with magazines on the back of the toilet, and have moved the magazines by the sink. He keeps saying “Maybe I need this, or maybe I need that.” After the 15th request I removed myself from the bathroom and shut the door (I took the toilet paper and the jelly beans – their prize) and told him to yell when he was done. He called for me about 5 minutes later. He says he peed but I saw no evidence. I gave him 3 jelly beans for his effort, but on the scorecard I give him a 0.25.

Isaac peed in the potty as soon as he woke up – he was rewarded with 3 jelly beans. After I got him dressed he pooped, mostly in my hand. Eli was on the big potty so Isaac had to poop in the little kiddy potty, which is disgusting. Eli took one look at the poop in the little potty (while still sitting on the big potty) and said “Oh gross, I gotta get out of here.”

9:30 AM
Eli – 1.25
Isaac 1.5

With water running in both the sink and the shower Eli finally peed in the potty.

11:30 AM
Eli - 3.25
Isaac - 1.75

Give Eli some time and he can get the job done. I am pretty sure Isaac is peeing solely for the jelly beans.

1:30 PM
Eli - 4.25
Isaac - 3.75

No "askidents" (in Eli speak) yet! They are doing so good. Eli said he actually enjoys going in the potty. Hallelujah!

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