Saturday, March 14, 2009

Prayers to the Father

Prayer time at our house is like being at a black church. One person may being say the prayer, but other voices have lots to say. Prayer time last night was especially entertaining. Most of this conversation with God is all happening simultaneously.

John: Dear God thank you for today, thank you for this food
Isaac: (a rhythmic chant of toddleresse) Gah, ye, uhm, ye, Gah

John: Thank for our time together
Isaac: Thank ou fo foo, and for Mater (from Cars)
Eli: Isaac you have to pray for people or food, I'll pray (the boys take over prayer time at this point...)

Eli: Thank you God for school and Sharing
Isaac: we share

Eli: Thank you God for nakins, forks, and spoons
Isaac: foons Gah

Eli: Thank you for Nana, Pops, Kebin
Isaac: Nana Pops
John: Yes Lord, thank you God (caught in the moment)

Eli: Thank you for food and breadsticks (we were having spaghetti)
Isaac: breadsticks

John and Jana: AMEN
Eli & Isaac: And Amen
Eli: See Isaac, you pray about normal things, not Mater.

and we give high fives around, as is our normal after prayer tradition...

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