Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Potty training has really been stellar. The boys ave done great with very very few accidents. Isaac is especially hard on himself. When he has to go he always says, 'no askidents, no askidents." His poor, poor school teachers. He has had two accidents at school - the teachers have taken the blame of not getting him to the bathroom in time or the potty being in use, etc. Yesterday was one such day. Isaac peed out of the toilet and soaked his pants/shoes. His teacher was apologizing because it really upset him.
I guess Isaac decided to take that self-blame and run with it. When we got in the car I noticed two orange paint spots on his very, very cute white and blue stripped shirt. I said "Oh Isaac what happened to your shirt, did you get paint on it?" He said, 'No, my teacher did it..."

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