Monday, May 4, 2009

A New World

One of Eli’s favorite things to do is to dig through a big “junk” drawer we have in the kitchen. It holds everything little thing that does not have a home. It is a treasure trove of odds and ins. It seems like Eli always wants to dig through the drawer when I am in a hurry or preoccupied making dinner or something. And he wants to ask questions about each item.
What is this?
What does this do?
Can I smell this (a candle)?
I think this is….
Mom can I play with this?
He likes to do this I my make-up drawer too. I am as confused about all the crap in there as he is.
These are one of those times that have eyes in the back of my head when come in handy. I have to stop whatever I am doing, look at whatever he is talking about and answer his 1 million and one questions. But this morning he said, “Hum what is this, I have never seen this before.” It wasn’t till later in the morning that this all clicked for me. Eli’s whole little world is just coming together. To date he has been playing and that is about it, but now he is starting to notice things outside of himself. He is starting to learn new things and observe things that he has never seen, touched, played with, smelled, etc. I guess if everything was new to me and I had “never seen that before” I would have some questions too. I should be thrilled that I get to be the teacher and get to lead this little mind and make sense of his world. As Isaac says, I need to “be patient” and take the lead.

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