Friday, May 29, 2009


Often when I go out with the boys, ok everytime I go out with the boys, people ask me how far apart they are. I tell them "14 months". Yes that means I was barely unpregnant before I got re-pregnant. In fact when I went for an ultrasound the technician said, "Hum - that is weird. the machine is saying your 21 months pregnant." Even the ultrasound machine knew I was nuts. Everyone always says "Ha, bet you have your hands full."

And you know, except for those few first months it has always been great - now it is great. The boys are so close and they get along so well. They have a built-in playmate. Neither one knows what it is like to be without the other one. But, can I just say today I understood those crazy looks I get. 10 minutes before the boys went down for their nap they destroyed the living room - DESTROYED! How can two little people do that much damage in 10 MINUTES! See for yourself:

We are having company over for dinner and one would think that I would take advantage of their 2 and a half hour nap to clean. Instead, I took an hour and a half nap myself. I have reloaded and now fill equipped to pick up every toy the boys own off of the living room carpet and to sweep up the food crumbs and play-doh crumbles out from under the dining room table. By the way who ever invented play-doh was either a man or a tired lady who did not spend 15 minutes with a three year old as a test run. Clearly, the time it takes to clean up is NOT worth the time the child's attention is occupied.

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