Sunday, May 10, 2009

I knew we were in trouble...

We went to the wedding of a dear family yesterday. For two summers I was a camp counselor at Laurel Lake Baptist Camp. The camp director and family, the Callahan's, have always been very dear to my heart. Their oldest daughter (of 8) got married yesterday. We made it a weekend trip - while we were headed south we went to John's grandma's house on Thursday and made our way back home on Saturday, stopping in Corbin for the wedding. Isaac managed to eek out a LITTLE sleep in the car, Eli did not. If you are a parent you know this story is headed towards disaster.

The wedding was to be outside but due to the 40 days of rain we have had lately, they decorated the basement of one of the new dorms for the wedding. We were able to walk through the center part of the camp before the service - as beautiful as I remember it.

We choose four seats in the side back so we could make a quick exit if needed. We knew we were in trouble when the pianist started playing Pachelbel's Cannon and Isaac started singing "Shake your booty". He is soft spoken, no harm done. Then while the preacher was giving the charge to the couple Eli declared "That he wanted to go peep on a tree" I guess nature calls. We spent the rest of the wedding in the back of the congregation.

After the wedding we were able to go outside and talk to some of the staff I used to work with. By the end Eli & Isaac were covered in dirt, or poop as Isaac would call it. They were throwing rocks down a steep embankment and bragging about how "amazing" they are.

Kids need naps, and don't belong at weddings.

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