Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A hair cut

We took the boys to get a haircut yesterday to get handsomed up for the big wedding this weekend. I haven't taken the camera lately since the "first' haircut has come in gone, but I sure wish I had it yesterday. The stylist cutting Eli's hair was painfully slow - painfully. I think Eli sensed my frustration and was a little wiggle worm. He was literally like trying to cut the hair of a moving target. The stylist was patient with him, possibly too patient, and she was cutting off a mm of hair at a time in order to not cut him. I thought we are going to be there for HOURS!!
So, as every good wife should do I asked John to switch with me. I would stand with Isaac (he was almost done) and John could deal with the slow poke. He is a bit more tactful at moving things along. The next thing I know Eli is asleep. ASLEEP. John is literally holding Eli's head in whatever direction the stylist wanted and she is just clipping away. He slept for a good 10-15 minutes while she fnished up and then snapped awake when she put the blow dryer on him to clean off the loose hairs! I am not sure if it was a drug induced sleep, but it shaved about 45 minutes off the haircut...

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