Friday, September 12, 2008

The Entourage

Isaac and Eli have a few friends that get through the night. Isaac’s “lovie” of choice is a night-time Tigger holding a Roo stuffed animal. Very sweet and cute. For over a year now Eli has quite a group that he sleeps with. He has Sadie (a rather large dog), monkey, turtle (creative names, I know), a soccer ball pillow, and a baseball glove pillow. Sometimes I wonder how he fits in the bed with all of the company. Turtle is the most beloved and went missing Wednesday night. While not teary eyed, Eli was concerned about his bedmate and asked John and I to look for it. We did to no avail, but Eli seemed to make it through the night. On Thursday morning when I went in to get Eli dressed he was sitting up – immediately asking if Turtle had been found, no luck. I asked him if he Turtle had told him of any trips he was interested in taking or had any friends he wanted to see. Nope. Where could he be? Well, he was in the hamper, not sure how he got there but I told Eli that Turtle was playing hide and seek and was giggling because we hadn’t found him. The reunion was lovely Eli introduced Turtle back to Sadie and monkey and told them how much they missed him. Last night when I went to check on him before we went to bed he was asleep – on top of Turtle hugging is little neck so tight. It is amazing the little world children create.

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